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George Norry = oWned POSTED: 20080121

Oh, I see what you did there. Gordon Freeman FTW.

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30 in 30? Hah. POSTED: 20080101

With each passing day it becomes more and more prevalent that I failed miserably on my 30 in 30 challenge. In complete actuality, I failed about a year ago – I just didn't want to admit it. Maybe I was hoping that I would finish out strong and no one would notice that the day count was off by, oh, 300 days. But, what I also realize, is that with the simple addition of another 'zero', my challenge becomes 30 in 300. Now, that is something that I think I can do. Basically because I think no one will notice. Sweet deal, eh?

Is it just me or has the entire world gone 'year in review, a top 10 list ' sort of crazy. Everywhere that I look I see the confined trappings of a year gone by nicely organized into hierarchical importance. And it's not that I really have anything against lists, in fact, I love them. I really do. Tantalizing lists of 'Best Dressed', 'Worst Dressed', or, in this case, even a 'Douchebag of the Year' or two.

It's a natural thing, this reflection on the events of yore and the process of ranking them. We all do it. In fact, I don't think we cannot, not do it. But, what startled me most about these lists, especially the 'Douchebag of the Year' lists, is that they all contained the same people, or, at least a pretty close approximation: Nancy Pelosi, Al Sharpton, Alberto Gonzales, George Bush, Michael Vick, Larry Craig and that overly annoying 'Don't tase me, bro!' fella. Granted, there were others sprinkled in for good measure, folks like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, but, in the end; all unoriginal and all pretty much the same. And it amazes me, this snow-globe effect of information: forever trapped and forever to be the same the world over. Overturn, shake, read and repeat.

For how else could it be? How else could one possibly explain the similarity of these lists. Were they created by some secret cadre hell-bent on spreading their manifest of selected douche baggery to the masses? Can it be possible that the entire InterWebs got together in some secret IRC channel to bear witness to their insidious task? How else could it be? How else could it have happened? How else can it be explained? Am I to truly believe that the entire world-wide genre of blogologists were present to witness their dark work? And through their own devices were compelled to repeat it? Ad nauseum? Something strange, as they say, is afoot at the Circle K.

There are evil forces at work here, my friends. Evil forces. And they are not of the 'dark work' variety. They are of the green commerce variety. And to prove my point, to put edge to blade so to speak; all I need is for you to simply look to the right, sometimes left, of whatever site you are reading these lists on. Do you see it? It's as plain as the nose on your face. It's advertising, kids. The root, father and some say 'Saviour' of all 'free' content on the Internets, television and radio. And it is this that I draw as suspect.

Is it mere coincidence that a vast proportion of these 'names' that occupy these lists are also among the years most popular news stories? Is it it some sort of requirement that douche bags be known the world over? Again, I think not. Think of the Paris Hilton coverage you saw last year if you disagree with me. Lists of these type are mere traffic generators. Built, and designed, entirely to draw as many readers as possible to the hosting site. Whether or not they reflect the author's actual viewpoint is unknown. Some I feel are honest portrayals, as seen from our friends over at, others, on the other hand, well, you can judge for yourself. The next time you see one of these lists, and you are required to view each and every one on a separate page, you have the almighty click-through and page-count revenue system to thank. The more clicks a site gets, the more they get paid. The more an ad gets displayed, the more the site-owner gets paid. So, it only makes sense to fill your site with popular search terms to drive traffic. More traffic equals more money.

And that's a good thing. Or so I'm told. We all need money to live, thrive and survive. But, at what cost? Art? Originality? What has happened to the pure thinkers of the world? Where have they gone? Has the internet become just a snow globe of perpetual shit? Hell, I am just as guilty as the rest. Regurgitating unoriginal material, posting videos I found elsewhere all in lieu of actual content. Posting links of crap that I feel you need to know about. All in lieu of doing actual work. All in lieu of convenience in order to fill some stupid goal of thirty posts in thirty days. Of which, in case you forgot, I failed.

Perhaps I should have split this post up over a few hundred pages. I really could have used the twenty-eight cents.

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Achmed the Dead Terrorist POSTED: 20071029

Yep. Who knew that a dead terrorist would be so funny. I mean, besides the obvious reasons of course.

More later kids as the cleansing contiues.

30 in 30 update: Day 150/30—Post 15/ 30

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I must be bored POSTED: 20071025

Criminy I'm bored. So bored, in fact, that I have, yet again, re-arranged my 'office' to make some room for more stuff. What that stuff is I don't know yet. But, I am thinking about one of those swank ass theatre style leather reclining chair things that all the cool kids have. And by cool kids I really mean everyone who has one that I am insanely jealous of. They may not be cool, but they do have cool ass chairs. And by applying the transitive property; doesn't that make them cool as well? I know one thing for certain, the chairs in question do not make you feel COOL, they make you feel HOT - mostly in the ballular area. I don't know if you have ever sat in a small room over heated by four computers, a refrigerator, a home made arcade cabinet and a 52" plasma TV sitting in an under ventilated and woefully cooled room for eight hours watching football with four fat guys, but, yeah, your nubjials get a little warm and sweaty. So, while I want to re-arrange my office and turn it into my very own theatre room, there's something about bathing in a pool of my own ball sweat that makes the make-over in question a tad worrisome. So, I got that going for me.

During the process of cleansing, I came upon the notion that I have managed to rat hole a ton of shit that I have no use for, yet have a grand problem getting rid of. The bulk of the crap is, as one might guess, nerd related. Years of old computer games and various computer hardware (some working, most not) are packed into my all too small closet. And while they may be carefully packed away in boxes, I have twelve of those boxes – and I need at least six more to hold all the stuff I took out of my office to make room for my new theatre chair that I may or may not be buying this weekend. To say that I am in desparate need of a TLC Clean Sweep sort of thing is doing a grave disservice to the poorly conceived metaphor I came up with. Doesn't mean the point is invalid, it just means that I suck at creating good metaphors.

And endings. But, I bet you already knew that.

30 in 30 update: Day 146/30—Post 15/ 30

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It’s time, or where the hell is GWOLCast? POSTED: 20071010

Just a little over two months ago we started an endeavour, one mired in technical difficulties as we struggled to find a reliable hosting company to stream out eighty meg files at a reliable rate and in a reliable timeframe. Those of you from the beginning know that downloading, or even finding the 'cast was, at times, a sketchy process at best. Jumping through fiery hoops and playing devilish games of InterNet Hopscotch was the norm. And only a skillful use of your digital dousing rods allowed you to suss out the newest episode. Despite all of this, despite all of the general bullshit; you continued to listen. And we thank you for that.

With that being said, I present you with our new website. One strictly devoted to GWOLCast and all it's omniscent regards. Starting with our next 'cast, GWOLCast will be published for download or subscription at: My beloved GeekWeekOnline will then revert to its original purpose – to lie in digital anonymity as my efforts are forever directed elsewhere. We will keep the original 013 (011 to some people) episodes, in their original posted form, on GeekWeekOnline while we accustom folk to our new location. In a few weeks, I will remove the original posts, not only so that GeekWeekOnline can revert to it's previous state of entropy, but to also create a separation betwixt the two. GWOLCast and the unfiltered world of GeekWeekOnline were never meant to co-habitat. I will, however; continue to update the 'GWOLCast Archives' with links to the current show. How long this practice remains as such will depend on how quickly we can get our current listener base 'switched' over to the new location. It'd be flippin' sweet if you did that right now.

All in all, I am happy to see that those initial, technical growing pains are finally behind us. We have shed our diapers and have gone full bore into 'pull-ups' mode. Meaning, we know that we aren't perfect, we know that we have a lot to learn – everything from production, to recording, to just finding shit to talk about (trust me, it's a lot harder than it looks.) It may have taken longer than we had anticipated to get shit squared away, but, we feel that a major milestone has been passed. And what a grand relief that is.

We hope you enjoy the new site. Everyone did a great job in contributing bits and pieces to make it what it is. And a big part of that is the custom illustrations created by our own Buggles. If I could ever get him to commit to a webcomic, I know there's an audience out there for a Ninjactic Robot with a slightly sexual on/off switch.

Sincerely yours,

The GWOLCast Team
J., Brian and Scottie

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Because I can. POSTED: 20070712

Saw this today and I immediately thought, why not post in on my blog. It's a cheap, easy way to try and fulfill my 30 posts in 30 days project that I vastly over-rated my ability to accomplish. But, you win some and you lose some. With this. I lose. Big time.

30 in 30 update: Day 43/30—Post 14/ 30

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